Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Danny Moore Illustration Doodles Sketches Sketchbook Drawings
It just so happens, I filled up one of my sketch books the other day. It's always kind of a sad moment, but there's also a sort of sense of accomplishment when you've got no more blank pages left. You get to go back and look through it all and find the little things you forgot you even drew stuck in between a lot of the bigger stuff that you might have been working on that got finalized. I went back and scanned some of the little doodles that I remember enjoy doing. These aren't even the half of them, though, I didn't want to be scanning forever. These little doodles are usually the ones that are the most fun to do, for me at least, because there's no pressure what so ever, and you basically just start drawing lines and see what comes out. Even if it comes out lame or the concept ends up way out there, it's just you on the page. I could do that all day...

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