Friday, March 5, 2010

Lizardmin Uniforms

I posted this over at, but I thought I'd post it here, too, since I haven't put anything up here lately. This is just the sketch I did to keep track of the various Lizardmin uniforms. Not incredibly interesting, but I like looking at them all blankly staring in the same direction...

Oh, and I feel bad putting this up right after Danny's awesome artwork so make sure you scroll down and check the previous 4-5 posts for his posts showing his process!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Shoe Trouble 3

Danny Moore Illustration Shoe Trouble Final
Here's the final. I had to move stuff down to make room for the text in InDesign...

Monday, March 1, 2010

This is a follow up from the last post. Thought I'd show the steps, so here it goes. I know I'm not breaking any new grounds or anything, this is just for fun. I just did close ups of the dog for this example.
1. For foreground elements I usually outline them first using a different brush that looks kind of like a paint brush with thicker paint. You can click on the images for a larger view.
Danny Moore Illustration Shoe Trouble Ink
2. Then I use the other brush I was talking about and fill in the flat colors.
Danny Moore Illustration Shoe Trouble Flat
3. Next, I rough in the shading and highlights using the same brush at 90% opacity.
Shoe Trouble Rough
4. Finally I smooth it out with the brush at 40% opacity and selecting colors back and forth between the middle colors and the highlights or shading. That's about it.
Danny Moore Illustration Shoe Trouble Smooth
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