Monday, May 17, 2010

Deer Farts

Deer FartsClick on the image for a larger version
The Moore family is beginning work on a collection of wordless strips, paintings and short stories based on nature. This is the first of many to come. We haven't decided if we will post them online as we do them or just wait and release them in a book all at once. We'll see how it goes. We're thinking of calling it "The Other Side of Nature" or "Behind the Scenery" or something. Hope you enjoy.


  1. You should put a reminder to click for the bigger version when you post these. Your missing out if you don't view it!

    I wasn't sure where to post this, but the home page of this blog sounds silly because of the music that was posted a while back. The songs play automatically and at once. If possible you should make the player only appear if you click to view the full post. (Not sure if blogger lets you do this mind you)

  2. Huh, autoplay is set to false on all the music, I guess that's not universal. Thanks!


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